Big Ol' Dream

I received some great news recently: my niece Ana passed her state cosmetology boards! I am so proud of her. She had no idea how extremely gifted she could be at cutting and styling hair. With each strand that glides through her comb and each snip of her scissors, she sculpts beautiful works of art. Yesterday I sat at my desk and wrote her a note to let her know that I believe she can accomplish her dream career in cosmetology. It was a letter from my heart to hers, to encourage her. I believe that true, genuine, encouraging words are powerful. So today's blog is for her and also for all of you who have a vision, passion, or a dream.  

My new photography business, as most of you know, was started in late January of this year.  I longed to produce the creativity that had stirred deep inside me for so long.  My passion has only grown stronger than when I was an 18 year old with a "big ol’ dream" of becoming a photojournalist. I'm not saying that business is booming or that I don't have a long road ahead of me. What I am saying is that with each accomplishment even through each disappointment, the encouraging words of others cause my desire for a successful wedding photography business to grow even stronger. Starting out is very daunting to me. I have made countless mistakes along the way, but these mistakes have been helpful in shaping my business and in shaping me personally. In the past 7 months I’ve learned and I’ve grown. I feel more compelled to use each failure as a driving force to succeed. There is much growth and many lessons yet to be learned. In fact, I have many days where I doubt myself, my skills, and wonder if I have what it takes to be successful at this. But I refuse to give up. Just as I start to get discouraged, God blesses me. . . every time!

Recently, I was so blessed by my husband, Jeremy. He took time out of his day to not only write me a very encouraging note, but he even put it in my car while I was at work. When I opened the door, it dropped right onto the seat for me to read. His encouragement meant so much to me. So today I’d like to encourage anyone who is currently thinking of chasing their dream, or currently taking the first step toward their dream—go for it! I will paraphrase Jasmine Star by saying “It is better to fail at something that you love, than it is to succeed at something you hate.” I believe that God does bless us with certain gifts that we can use to bless others. Following after your dreams is no easy task. You will fail, there is no question. You will struggle with your skills in whatever business you pursue; and you will doubt yourself. I encourage you not to give up on your dream. If you believe that God is leading you in that direction, step out in faith and fly! ----And give God the glory along the way!