Being Doggy Mom + Such

Ollie is Home!

Our first days after Ollie's back surgery

Ollie is home! His surgery on Saturday was a success. In fact, he was WALKING the very same day as his surgery! The nurses from the Veterinarian Specialty Hospital sent us this super amazing video of him walking the evening of his surgery, it was amazing to watch.

The doctors allowed us to bring him home on Sunday afternoon. At first he was REALLY groggy, and just not himself. (Almost like he was mad at us,lol!). I think he was in a lot of pain. The next day, he required so much help. His legs got weak again and he couldn’t walk very well. He basically needed assistance every hour of the day! I had to reschedule a couple of meetings for the next day just so I could stay home and care for him. 

As the days progressed, we started seeing small improvements in his ability to walk. We started doing physical therapy with him (instructions were provided by his surgeon) and I think it really has helped. He is now able to walk almost the whole entire length of the yard! His pain is much improved and yesterday he wagged his tail for the first time since this all happened! (the paralysis had caused him not to be able to wag it). 

Thankfully, I’ve been able to stay at home with him these last few days. Being a stay at home doggy mom has had it’s benefits, one being the fact that Pinterest becomes your BFF.

Here’s what I mean:


All in all, I am glad that Ollie is on the mend. Here’s a pic of him chillin’ with dad today :)