Baby Easton | Three Months


It seems like these last three months have gone by so fast! I mean, it "feels" like three months, but the rate at which my baby has grown has flown by! He seems like a big boy now! 

Three months means we are officially OUT of the newborn phase of Easton's life! It's bittersweet. There were a lot of struggles that came with the newborn phase that I won't miss, but he will also never be that tiny again, so it's sorta sad! But with this new phase in his life brings with it new milestones. 


Milestones for this month:

*Consistently rolls from tummy to back

*LOTS more smiles

*He is so interactive now and loves to talk to us

*He has been drooling a lot lately, making me wonder if it is the beginning stages of teething?

*Still consistently is sleeping from 8pm-6am (sometimes 7am) with no dream feed anymore

*Has been to church with us twice now! 

*Loves the pool! His favorite thing is to float. He even did a little tummy time on the surfboard!

*Took his first trip to Dubois Park in Jupiter but didn't like the cold water 

*He has pretty much outgrown the "newborn" size. Things in his closet that I thought he would take a while to fit in are actually fitting now! (They really do grow fast!)

*Had his first trip to the dentist (the appointment was for me) and he sat on my lap while I got my teeth cleaned. He even flirted with the dental hygenist! :) 

Napping is still somewhat of a struggle but it has gotten ALOT better! Some days he goes down really easy and other days (like yesterday) he really protests! I've gotten better about not rushing in the minute I see him wake up on the video monitor. I just watch to see what he will do. If he is not crying, I don't go in. Typically though, naps average 45 minutes. Last week he did 1 hour naps one day! That didnt last long though :( But today he did a 1.5 hour nap!!!