Baby Easton | One Month

Our boy is 4 weeks old!


4 weeks, 28 days, 672 hours…sounds like a long time when you break it down that way. But the truth is, for me, it has gone by fast. Don’t be fooled, it’s half way through the morning, I am still in my PJ’s, drinking this morning’s coffee and watching Easton on the baby cam, crossing my fingers and toes that he doesn't wake up so that I can finish writing this post! That is how my days have been, get things done when you can get them done! But I take solice in these breaks I get where I can sit at my kitchen table, enjoying the silence with a cup of coffee and a candle burning. 

This past month has been a major adjustment for Jeremy and I. We are still navigating the waters of parenthood: what kind of schedule we are going to give Easton (feeding/sleeping), trying to figure his cries out, and keeping up with all of the dirty diapers… 

My biggest struggle with being a new mom is reading books and thinking that is the end all prescription to mold the perfect baby. I think a lot of new moms probably struggle with that. After all, we have never done this before, there’s got to be a manual for this thing, right?! Wrong. Every baby is different. The books will tell you what your baby “should” be doing and you feel like something is wrong when he/she doesn't fit the mold. 

Best advice this week: Do what is best for our family and best for our baby. 

The best thing that the three of us did this week was to get out of the house and go do a little shopping together. Life gets tiresome when you render your days to the four walls of your house. Another thing Jeremy and I have done on a consistent basis is leave Easton with the grandparents and go out to dinner together. It’s been such a sweet reward for both of us and something that we plan on continuing to do every week! :)

Milestones for this month:

  • It seems like Easton had eye contact down pat at the start. From the moment he was born, he locked eyes with me and continues to keep his gaze on whoever holds him :) 
  • Easton lovessss smiling at us, he is especially smily in the morning! I love the morning time with him! 
  • He is eating like a champ, he’s gained 2 lbs since birth!! Which is awesome because he dropped 11% of his body weight after we brought him home.
  • He’s starting to make little “coo” sounds and other cute little baby noises, they are so sweet!
  • He LOVES to be cuddled. In fact, he falls asleep best when he is being held or rocked. Grandmas love this! 
  • Another thing that he loves is staring out the window! He has a changing table that is right up next to the window and he will just gaze out there forever!
  • He loves being outside, taking walks and feeling the breeze on his face.
  • He has an obsession with the ceiling fan in our living room! You can lay him on his back and it will have his attention indefinitely!
  • We have had a couple of visits to the Doctors. Most recently, Dr.Bowling told us that Easton is an “intense” baby by the way that he furrows his brows! He said he needs lots of stimulation because he is so curious. 
  • He's not a huge nap taker, but he sleeps well during the night. Lastnight he slept 5.5 hours straight!! He seems to know his day from night so it's helped a lot.
  • Yesterday was Jeremy's first day back to work. He works 24 hour shifts. When he came home this morning, Easton greeted him with the biggest smiles he's ever shown us! It was SO sweet! He missed his Daddy!