Baby Easton | 12 Months

I still cannot believe Easton is a YEAR old!! It's incredible. This year has gone by so fast. It was super hard, but yet it went by like that.

This post is coming at you super late! (A lot happened in February)

That being said, Easton turned 12 months old 2 weeks ago! He subsequently got the flu on his actual birthday! Poor fella. He ran fevers all night and for about 48 hours after his birthday. A first birthday that we will never forget! Thankfully he survived it. More importantly WE survived it. A sick baby is no joke! They need you when they are sick! A couple of days later he ended up getting an ear infection. 

Before it gets any later I wanted to list out some of Easton’s milestones since turning 1 year:

  • He claps his hands all the time
  • he knows how to high-five,
  • he loves playing tug-of-war with Ollie
  • he says "maa" for more when he wants more food
  • he mimics what we say sometimes, like full sentences the other day he said "there it is!" after we said it
  • he loves to look at airplanes in the sky he loves to look at the trees outside
  • he loves to hold my hands and walk in the grass
  • he loves to play with sticks and rocks and do all kinds of little boy things
  • he is getting more persistent with his wishes and will protest when he doesn’t get what he wants
  • Naps are starting to become a real struggle, he is on the brink of transitioning to one nap, I think. He still a little young so I’m trying to maintain two naps a day but it’s getting harder!
  • He’s not quite walking but he is cruising along furniture
  • he loves to empty out all of my drawers and Tupperware and scattered all over the floor! My house is never clean anymore! There is always a little mess somewhere if not everywhere… Welcome to toddlerhood so they say! 
  • walks around with his little walker!!
  • got his first bike helmet and enjoys bike rides with us now :) 

I'm so happy to have documented a portion of his first year on my blog. It's nice to know that I can go back later and re read about his little milestones and smile.  Happy birthday sweet boy :)