This past week was filled with re-runs of Seinfeld, junk food and trips to the doctor. This is just what you do when your spouse gets sick. Jeremy had gotten a horrendous head cold and much of the time, he was sanctioned to stay home. This of course, meant that Ollie was one very happy dog. He hates when we leave him at home and when you're under the weather, well, I think that is when he is most happy. 

To him, I’m sure he probably felt like he had done something so wonderful to be so deserving of all of the extra time Jeremy and I spent at home, being with him.

In the morning, he would wait for us to make the first budge to get out of bed, patiently keeping warm under the covers by our legs and popping his head out once we would begin to stir. He just wanted to be near us. He happily curled up on the couch along with Jeremy, the remote controller, and a bag of sour gummy bears. He’d find just the right spot, usually pressed between the couch cushion and Jeremy’s leg and just watch him until he got so tired and would fall asleep.  

Now that Jeremy is better, Ollie is probably wondering why he has the house all to himself.