This is Us | 38 Weeks

The 38 week mark is here! Wow! We are SO close! In the forefront of my mind is the question "When will I go into labor?!". It could happen any day now! 

Last week my coworkers through me a surprise baby shower and gifted us with SO many things including a video monitor that we had on our registry! That was so incredibly kind of them, I am so undeserving! 

So, how am I feeling? I am actually feeling alright. I'm thankful that my energy has been able up and able to keep up with the things that need to get done around here. There are some days where I have energy slumps, but that is what naps are for! Last week I took TWO naps in ONE day! It was just heavenly. 

Easton is moving around a lot, though he doesn't have much room in there! I take jabs to the ribs every now and then but it's all good :)