3 Quick Tips for Traveling Wedding Photographers

The Traveling Wedding Photographer

3 Tips To Help You Plan Your Trip

Good morning, Friends! I hope that this week is treating you well! This post is mainly for photographers who are new to travel, or are traveling for their first destination wedding. I wanted to take a few minutes and just go over a couple of tips that I walked away with from my last destination wedding. These tips are just a few things that really made a difference to me during my last trip, and I wanted to share them with you.

As you may know, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Tavernier, FL to photograph a beautiful outdoor wedding right on the water! It was spectacular. If you haven’t already, pause for a moment and hop over here to check it out.

Okay. Now back to the point :) 

I’ll just start by saying that traveling more than a couple of hours for a wedding can be very stressful. My BIGGEST fear is that I will leave something behind like my camera batteries, or forget to pack my deodorant or something :) Really, it can be kind of stressful! 


1. Make a List + Take Inventory

In January, I made a resolution to be more organized. Since then, I am really proud to say that I have made strides compared to how my organization skills had been in the past. I’ve become a HUGE fan of making lists. And they really do help! The week before I left, I grabbed my notebook and just started writing anything and everything that I could possibly need to bring with me to Tavernier. Camera batteries, SD/CF cards, I listed out all of my lenses, speedlites, external battery packs, everything! I didn’t want to miss a beat. As the day to leave got closer, I grabbed my list and started taking inventory of everything on my list and started packing. Having crossed everything off the list as I went really made me feel like I wasn’t leaving anything behind.

2. Track Your Expenses

Another lesson learned in 2015 was to keep track of everything. I mean, everything. I will have to elaborate more on this topic in a later post. What I used to do with my receipts was just shove them into my wallet in a separate compartment. I was finding that I just didn’t like the way they were organized. I now have a different system. I brought a separate little poly envelope with me labeled “travel receipts” and stuck it in my purse for the trip. As we went about our way, any receipts that I got went right into that separate envelope. Then when I got home from the trip, I took those receipts out of the envelope and put them into a dropbox that I have in my office to later be filed. I still keep the “travel receipts” envelope in my purse and will empty it out every week. By the way, I got this idea from Alexandra Costello :)

3. Stay Hydrated

You know that feeling that you get after you have traveled on the road or flown anywhere? You're tired, and exhausted, yet all you have been doing the whole time is sitting in a seat. I don’t know why it takes so much out of you, but it does. Knowing this, I believe drinking enough water especially while traveling will help you with that post travel exhaustion. I always try to hydrate myself like crazy a couple of days prior to a wedding. I love my 64oz jug(purchased from CVS last year)! I take it everywhere, almost every day I am drinking out of this bad boy!


4. Bring a Heating Pad, Tylenol + Biofreeze!

Let’s be honest. I wish I would have thought to have brought this with me to Tavernier! By the end of my 10 hour wedding, I was TOAST. My muscles ached, my back hurt. I would have done anything to have had a heating pad and some meds!  Every photographer knows that shooting a wedding all day will take it out of you. Do yourself a favor and pack a little bag with “wedding hangover” remedies! :) 

That’s it guys! Those are my top 3 tips for travel. If you have any other helpful tips, I’d love to hear about them!