Meet Kristen

 I'm a wedding photographer because I relish in love stories and I encourage cultivating marriages. 

I document genuine love for joyful brides and grooms. I love what marriage stands for. Having gotten married in 2012, I can truly say that there's nothing quite like the assurance of forever. And because of that, photographing weddings is a great honor to me. 


My Story

I've always been a sucker for epic love stories. The kind where struggle and challenge is overcome through faith, hope and a dream. This was my story. A girl whose heart had never let go of hope, that one day God would send the perfect guy: the hero who I now call my husband. He’s encouraged me to chase after my dreams, catches me when I fall, and celebrates my successes. Everyone has a story to tell.

 . . . and that is mine (in a nutshell). 

I now enjoy morning coffee alongside my wonderful, adoring husband and our little mini doxie, Ollie. We love venturing to the ocean together, whether it be to surf, or escape. We also enjoy slowing down in the hills of Tennessee, where we go when we want to be still. 


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