Islamorada Wedding Photographer
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Islamorada Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer located in South Florida, I enjoy photographing weddings in the Florida Keys. My favorite key is Islamorada. Photographing weddings in Islamorada is a dream! This photo was taken at a wedding venue in Tavernier, adjacent to Islamorada. The venue is called Coconut Palm Inn.

This photo is one of my all time favorite wedding photos! I posed the couple nose to nose. To create a more romantic feel to the image, I lightly placed the bride's veil over both their heads. Then I huddled underneath the veil with them and snapped the picture!

The weather in the Keys always seems to be perfect. It is no wonder that so many brides opt to have an outdoor ceremonies and receptions! I am always looking for new adventure and would love to travel to your wedding in Islamorada. Please feel free to contact me and let's chat about your plans!

Location: 198 Harborview Dr, Tavernier, FL 33070.

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