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Stuart Florida Photographer

I've been a photographer in Stuart for over 15 years! My passion for photography began while attending Martin County High School. While there, I learned photography by using 35mm film. I processed and developed my own black and white film in the darkroom. Making photo enlargements was so fun for me. I loved what I learned.

I had always had a knack and a desire to pursue photography as a career and I finally made that leap in 2014. I'm proud to say that I have maintained my business these past few years.

This image is a prime example of a beautiful family portrait that I long to create for all of my clients. This picture was photographed on 120mm medium format film, fuji400h. We photographed this session at the beach about 2 hours prior to the sunset. What I love about the image is how mom and dad are surrounded by their three rambunctious children, who are running circles around them. Much, like they do in everyday life, am I right?!

Photographing this using film really gives this image so much more life than using a digital camera (at least in my opinion). Can you feel the energy in this photograph? What do you think about when you see it?

Keywords: beach portraits (6), film (3).