Stuart Engagement Photographer

Stuart Engagement Photographer

Being a Stuart engagement photographer has been fun for me because I am from Stuart, so I know the lay of the land. Being that I grew up here, I know the area like the back of my hand and when couples ask me where they should take their engagement pictures, I am never at a loss for ideas!

This particular picture was captured in Downtown Stuart in front of a quaint old renovated cottage. I love how the soft pink and white in the background match what the couple in the photograph is wearing. And the green tropical plants frame the couple nicely!

I have photographed engagement sessions at many different locations in Stuart such as:

Best time of day to take engagement pictures in Stuart depends on which location you choose. For example, I think the best time to photograph engagement sessions at Coffee Bar Blue Door is in the early afternoon after the morning rush has dissipated. That way we can have the place to ourselves.

As far as the parks and beaches, it would be best to photograph your engagement session towards sunset, when the light is soft.

Downtown Stuart

This photograph was taken under the Roosevelt Bridge in Downtown Stuart. I had my couple walk out along the fishing pier and then walk back to me. I love how the lines of the bridge draw your eye to the couple! Our session here was about an hour prior to sunset, so the light is nice and soft.

Stuart Engagement Photographers

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is located in Downtown Stuart and is a very well maintained area. There's a large banyan tree by the pond, where this particular photograph was taken. The best time of day to photograph sessions at this location is two fold. I have photographed here at sunset and at sunrise. Both are great!

Stuart Engagement Photos

This photo was obviously taken at sunset. In the background you have the iconic Stuart Water Tower! I love how the couple is silhouetted against the golden sky!

Memorial Park Engagement Photo

Location: Downtown Stuart, Fl.

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