Megan and Nick Engagement: House of Refuge and Sailor's Return

It was at the foot of a hospital bed in ICU where they first exchanged conversation. Megan, a physician’s assistant student and Nick, a medial doctor student were rounding on a mutual patient. It seems as though these two really hit it off from the beginning. After a year and a half of dating, Nick popped the question. He told Megan to get dressed up for a nice dinner.  But instead, Nick had secretly planned for a sailboat to pick them up at a nearby dock. Once aboard, Nick anxiously fumbled in his pocket where the diamond was discreetly kept loose, so that Megan would not question the square shape outline. The ocean tossed the boat about and among the rock of the waves, Nick knelt down on one knee and clutched onto the ring tightly. At first this puzzled Megan. She thought that the turbulence of the sailboat had caused him to stumble & fall down. But it didn’t take long for her to figure out what was really going on. The only thing he had fallen over was head over heels— for her :) And he popped the question.

And it only seemed fitting that Megan and Nick have their engagement photos taken along the seashore and among the sailboats, symbolizing where their relationship had navigated towards "forever"! The lovely couple plan to wed in spring 2015. . .