"So there's a local shop that is offering a 4 week cake decorating class. My mom and I are going to go!" Kristy exclaimed. I can't recall where we were at the time. More than likely we were out on an afternoon excursion to TJ Maxx where we would roam the aisles of clothing, admiring or poking fun at the good, bad and the ugly. Cake decorating seemed like a great idea to me. Little did I know what it would amount to.

You see, I am a lover of sweets. Always have been. And I don't mean a store bought candy bar, give me a molten chocolate cake and we'll talk :) Well, guess what? We have a baker in our family! Kristy not only bakes the best cakes, but also creates a work of art as she does it.  It's awesome--and dangerous at the same time! I want to say she's been baking about 6 months or so, and I am totally blown away by what she does. This year for my birthday she made a pina colada cake covered with silky buttercream frosting and adorned with dried pineapple flowers. Oh, and did I mention, she even topped it with a little tropical toothpick umbrella :) Truly out of this world! Directly below are some of her other work including cupcake bouquets and her most recent, a milk chocolate cake chocolate buttercream frosting filled with strawberry buttercream, topped with chocolate malt, chocolate covered strawberries and roses. Chocolate lovers--you won't be disappointed!