Surprise Proposal | Hutchinson Island, FL

He called me and told me of his plan to propose to her on the beach. The more he told me about his plan, the more I knew how much he cherished her. unbeknownst to Callie, Chris had secretly arranged to have me waiting at the beach, ready to photograph his proposal. He had kept a ring in a secret spot so that she would not find out, and devised a plan to have rose petals spread out in the shape of a heart. In the middle of the heart was a message in a bottle. I do not know what the message read, but I assume it was from the heart because that seems to be how Chris does things–from his heart.

As I waited on the beach for a couple that I had never met, I became increasingly nervous for some odd reason. Maybe because storm clouds were threatening? Or, I guess it was the anticipation that I had for what was about to go down. I checked my gear and kept it hidden, as to not be seen by Callie. The waves rolled in and lapped on the shore, setting the perfect scene. 

Soon, I heard voices. “What’s that?!” Chris questioned as he walked down with Callie. A trail of red roses lead the two love birds down to the heart where Callie reached down and pulled out the message in a bottle. After a few moments, Chris knelt down on one knee and presented Callie with a gorgeous halo set diamond ring. Callie was elated!

Just as the sun came out, the two popped a bottle of bubbly and celebrated their engagement together. The moment was perfect, just like Chris had wanted it to be! To Chris and Callie, thank you for giving me the honor of documenting your proposal! I wish you all the best!!


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