The Wedding Day Timeline

My years of experience as a wedding photographer in South Florida has helped me to know how much time I need to photograph important moments (ie: getting ready, first look, bride and groom photos, bridal party photos, family photos, etc). My job is to NOT hold up the day or delay the schedule!

About eight weeks prior to the wedding, I'll send you my wedding day questionnaire which I'll use to build an ideal wedding day timeline so that you can get the most out of your wedding photography with me.

We can either email, chat on the phone, Skype, or sit down together for coffee and review the timeline together!

I am happy to work with your wedding planner/coordinator to discuss the timeline as your wedding date gets closer, too.

Schedule of Events

Sometimes (most times) wedding days do not run exactly on schedule. It's so important to include some padding within the schedule to allow for delays.

Some of the things that can delay the wedding schedule include:

  • Hair and make up runs late (this is a big one)
  • Hiring inexperienced vendors which delay the schedule (see my list of recommended vendors)
  • Traffic delays
  • Fashion emergencies
  • Late family members
  • Bridal party drama (select your bridal party members wisely!)
  • Rain (hello, summer in South Florida)
  • Flowers do not arrive on time

Sample Timelines

Below are a few sample timelines that you may find helpful.

After all, it's nice get an idea of how the day will flow within each different scenario.

7 Hours of Coverage with a First Look: One Location

2:00p Coverage begins with bridal preparation

3:30p First look + bride and groom photos

4:00p Bridal party photos

4:30p Done with photos, Bride freshens up

5:00p Ceremony

5:30p Ceremony Ends

5:40p Family Photos

6:10p Done with family photos

6:30p Reception starts

9:00p Photography coverage ends

7 Hours of Coverage with NO First Look: One Location

2:30p Coverage begins with bridal preparation

3:30p Groom + Groomsmen photos - photographed by second photographer

4:00p Bride + Bridesmaids photos

4:30p Done with photos bride to freshen up

5:00p Ceremony

5:30p ceremony ends

5:30p Family formal photos

5:50p Full bridal party photo

5:55p Bride + Groom photos

6:20p Done w/photos-photographers photograph reception room

6:30p Grand entrance

9:30p Photography coverage ends

7 Hours of Coverage with a First Look: Two Locations

2:00p Coverage begins with bridal details.

3:30p Leave hotel go to venue

plan for 25 min in between routes (including time to pack up gear)

4:00p First look + Bride and Groom photos

4:30p Bridal party photos

5:00p Family formal photos

5:30p Done with photos; photographers photograph ceremony site. Bride hides away and freshens up.

6:00p Ceremony

6:30p Ceremony ends

6:35p Additional family photos with Grandparents

6:45p Photos complete, photographers photograph reception room prior to guests entering

7:20p Reception starts

9:00p coverage ends

8 Hours of Coverage Catholic Wedding Timeline: Three Separate Locations

10:30a Coverage begins with bridal preparation

11:45a Photographers leave hotel + drive to church

*10 min drive to church*

12:00p Photograph ceremony details

12:30p Ceremony

1:30p Ceremony ends

1:35p Family formal pictures

2:00p family formals complete, drive to reception

*10 min drive to the reception*

2:10p Arrive at reception site

2:15p Bridal party photos

2:35p Bridal party photos complete

2:40p Bride and groom photos

3:15p Cocktail hour (couple joins cocktail hour)

4:00p Reception

6:30p Photography coverage ends

A Tip to Keep Your Wedding Day Schedule Stress-free

  • If at all possible, keep everything (getting ready, ceremony + reception) all in one place. Going to multiple locations WILL be an area of added stress for you that you simply do not need.