What is the First Look?

The first look is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time prior to the wedding ceremony. I am a proponent for the first look because I truly believe that my clients get more enjoyment out of their wedding day.

Benefits of a First Look

Stress Management

It's only normal to have butterflies on the morning of your wedding day! But sometimes, the stress of the day will catch up and it might seem overwhelming. The big lead up to the ceremony is almost too stressful sometimes. That is why I love first looks so much.

The moment that the bride sees her groom, all of that stress dissipates. I'm serious, it does! Maybe it will be something that you will consider for your wedding day?

By doing a first look, you also won't be cramming all of your photos in during cocktail hour. You'll have more time to relax and will be able to GO to cocktail hour too!

More Time for Portraits

When you schedule a first look you will in turn get more time for portraits together. Why? Because we will schedule around 30 minutes of time to photograph the first look and bride and groom portraits and then we will have some additional time after the ceremony to get more awesome photos, usually this will occur around sunset!

More Time Spent Together

You won't be hiding from each other all day! The two of you will actually be able to enjoy your wedding day together.

If Things Run Late

When things run behind on a wedding day, it usually means that the bride and groom photos will be cut short. This can happen when family members suddenly disappear after the ceremony and have to be located in order to photograph family photos. It can really back up the rest of the timeline and cause little time for bride and groom photos. Having a first look will preserve the time that is slotted for bride and groom photos to ensure you do not get short changed.

You Might Be Wondering

Will he still cry when I walk down the aisle?

I've seen plenty of grooms who STILL get emotional even after having a first look! After all, it is STILL the first time he is seeing you walk down the aisle!