Bridal Party Photos

I love creating fun, relaxed bridal party photos on the wedding day! Overall, photos of the bridal party take around 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the group. I will pencil in how much time I need when help make your wedding day timeline!


When do I photograph the bridal party?

It depends! If you are having a first look, then we can photograph the entire bridal party prior to the ceremony. This way is great because after the wedding ceremony is over, the bridal party can head straight to cocktail hour and they do not have to wait around until after family formal photos.

The Bridesmaids

I love photographing the bride with her bridesmaids! I usually plan for about 10 minutes to photograph them together. I take a couple of different variations of the group including:

  • Traditional photograph of the girls lined up and smiling at the camera
  • The group leaning in together (as pictured above)
  • A few candids as the group is assembling
  • A photograph of each individual bridesmaid with the bride alone. This doesn't always happen, as it depends on how much time we have in our timeline. If this is something that you're wanting, then let's include that into the timeline!

The Groomsmen

The guys! They're fun, they're easy and they usually do not require much. Most of the time, photos of the groomsmen will happen very quickly. Less than 10 minutes.

The different variations that I like to get include:

  • Traditional Photo of the guys lined up smiling at the camera
  • A walking shot (as pictured above)
  • Individual shots of each groomsmen with the groom (if time allows)

Super. Simple. Much of the time, the groomsmen are shocked at how quickly I can photograph what I need!